Wine as environment


Iapetus is produced through a close relationship with the environment. Vineyard management takes into account the importance of soil and vine health and the effect these have on wine. Fermentation is then carried out by yeast foraged from the vineyard microbiome and cellar work aims to preserve each season's uniqueness. These practices are meant to raise the wine directly from the place in which it is grown.

Tight Vine.png

Wine as landscape 

The life of our wine is inextricable from the place upon which our vines grow. The rocks, the soil, everything that surrounds these plants, creates the qualities you experience in our wine.

Fossil Crop.png

Wine as history

Iapetus is the name of the ancient sea which once covered the bedrock that was thrust into the present-day Champlain Valley. Millions of years of geologic processes slowly created a narrative we see manifested in both landscape and environment. It is precisely this narrative that gives shape to Iapetus wine.