bridging the past with the present

Iapetus is more than the name of an ancient ocean that once covered the present-day Champlain Valley.  As a concept, it is the beginning of a story hundreds of millions of years old. It is as much about the past as it is about the future. Just as geology induces transition over time, Iapetus will serve as an evolution for us as winegrowers in how we pursue our working relationship with wine. It is a shifting of time, of scale, and way of thinking. We are not dogmatic in our principals, but rather endeavor to continually experiment, discover, and improve our stewardship of this storied land. In this way, Iapetus is just a slide in this continuous film, a photograph of a moment now and in the years to come. Iapetus is wine.

 cover photo by Benjamin P. Mayock


There’s a rumblin’

2018 Pet Nats are on their way